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This is the blog where I collect my researches. It is not restricted to any particular subject, rather its just about anything which I have compiled related to Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaat and their Aqa’id. If you have any question related to the content of this blog, then contact me at ahlussunnah.moin@gmail.com or simply leave a comment in the relevant article.

Following are list of articles for download (word format):

Follow Abu Bakr and Umar after me [A detailed takhreej of Hadith]

Prophet’s wives were among Ahlul Bayt

Hadith Safinah Nuh

Was Ibn Taymiyyah a Hafiz? [A Blatant lie from NHM Keller]

Aqeeda of Al-Mizzi

Keep me in your Dua.

Wassalaam alaikum

6 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Jazaka Allahu khaira
    I was looking for the refutation of the doubt that al-hafith al-Mizzi is Ashari.
    Anyway, the creed of some one is taken from his books and his allegiance to his allies, and not from a word whose meaning is controversial or lost its rigid meaning due to several reasons.

    Check out this blog:

    الاشاعرة … الوجه الأخر
    Asharism … The Other Face

  2. Assalam aleikum,
    Kindly please let me know how many Sunni masjids are there in Iran?
    Shukran wajazakallah kheir.

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