Was Ibn Taymiyyah a Hafiz? [Refuting NHM Keller]

Blatant lie from NHM Keller

Nuh Keller said:
“In scholarship, Ibn Kathir was a hadith master (hafiz, someone with at least 100,000 hadiths by memory), while Ibn Taymiya was not: his name does not appear in any of the works of tabaqat al-huffaz
Re-Formers of Islam: The Mas’ud Questions – IBN TAYMIYA AND IBN KATHIR

This is what he claimed, and probably he has not opened any book on Tabaqat of Hadith Scholars. Dhahabi in “Tadhkirah Al-Huffaz” (4/288), and in Mu’ajam Ash-Shuyukh” (1/56), in treatise special for hadith scholars (pg.25) and in other books mentioned his specialization in hadith. Ibn Shatti in his “Mukhtasar Tabaqat Al-Hanabila” (pg.61) call him a Muhaddith and a Hafiz. Allama Dhahabi in “Dhail Tarikh AL-Islam” (pg.324) call him Hafiz and Muhaddith. Al-Maqreezi called him a Muhaddith in his Tarikh. Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali mentioned him in “Dhail Tabaqat Al-Hanabla” (vol.4, pg.494) also attributed to him the status of Muhaddith and Hafiz. Similarly, As-Safdi in “Al-Wafi” (7/15) and “A’ayan Al-Asr” (1/136). Ibn Abdul Hadi in listed him in “Tabaqat Ulama AL-Hadith” (4/279) and said that Ibn Taymiyya was Sayyid Al-Huffaz (Leaders of all Huffaz). Ibn Shakir Al-Kutbi in “Fawat Al-Wuffiyat” (1/74) also said that he was a Hafiz and a Muhaddith. In short all those who wrote about Shaykh Ul-Islam they mentioned his excellence in the field of hadith, in fact they mentioned his specialization in all the fields, and that is why he was called a Mujtahid.
And more than that there wasn’t anyone comparable with him when it comes to memorizing narrations. This was explicitly mentioned by many scholars.

Here are some qoutes from scholars proving his excellence in hadith,
Ibn Katheer quotes Hafiz Barzali –

“and with regards to Ahadith, then he was the flag bearer of it, Hafiz of it, one who can distinguish between authentic and unauthentic of hadith, knower of its Rijal and skilled in it.” [Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nihayah (14/157)]

Dhahbi said, as quoted by Ibn Rajab in Tabaqat, regarding Ibn Taymiyya,
“He had complete knowledge regarding narrators, regarding their criticism (Jarh) and praise (Ta’deel), and their category (Tabaqat), and knowledge of sciences of Hadith, and ‘Aali and Naazil, and Authentic and unauthentic, with his specialization in Hifz of texts, so no one reaches his status during his time, not even near him………….such that It would be true if said “every narration which Ibn Taymiyyah does not know, is not a Hadith”. [Tabaqat Al-Hanabala (4/500)]

Dhahabi said,
“Ibn Taymiyya. Shaykh, Imam, Allamah, Hafiz, Critic, Jurist, Mujtahid, Mufassir, Skilled (in Knowledge), Shaykh Al-Islam…….He studied from Ibn Abdul Daa’im, Ibn Abil Yusr, Kamaal ibn Abd, Ibn As-Sayrafi, Ibn Abul Khair and many others. And he looked into hadith and wrote many treatises, and companied with teachers, and mastered in the field of Hadith Narrators, Ilal of Hadiths and its fiqh, and in other subjects of Islam, Logic (Ilm Al-Kalaam) and in other fields. ” [Tadhkir Al-Huffaaz p.1496]
This also refutes the section of GF Haddad aticle where he tried to portray, by qouting Allama Taqi As-Subki, that Ibn Taymiyya mostly studied without a teacher.

And there many qoutes but I think all what qouted above sufficient to prove academic dishonesty (or Ignorance) of NHM Keller.