Imam Zain al-‘Abideen: A concise biography

All praises due to Allah and May His peace and blessings be upon the Last and Final Messenger Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

This concise biography on Imam Zain al-‘Abideen is compiled with the intention to give clear picture of him according to authentic sunni sources unlike shi’a authors who generally do not care about authenticity and rather judge a narration based on their own preconceived beliefs. This short biography will make it clear that ‘Ali bin Husain was never a claimant of Imamate as per the concept propounded by Shi’ites.

The source for this compilation is Siyar A’alam an-Nubala of Dhahabi but mostly I have traced the original source and added other beneficial points which are not in Siyar. Herein I have only mentioned those reports which are authentically proven and if there is any considerable defect in Isnad then I have pointed it out.

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