The unacademic attacks of “Misguided” Rafidhi on Sahaba(as) exposed Again

The unacademic attacks of “Misguided” Rafidhi on Sahaba(as) exposed Again

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Bismillah hirahman nir raheem

The history goes like this: The “misguided” Shia of Dajjal a.k.a. toyiboffline wrote an article trying to show “Imam Ibn Katheer’s fatal contradiction”, to which I replied in this article. The Rafidhi wrote counter refutation in two parts, and replied to it in two parts which could be read here [Part 1 and Part 2]. Unfortunately, the Rafidhi didn’t learn and wrote another counter rebuttal in two parts which could be found on their Wilayat website. Then I intended to refute it again but after writing a little I realized that the “Misguided” is wasting my time (this will be clear soon). SO i stopped writing and started compiling a review to whatever has happened during this discussion. It was written with me since many days and I didn’t post it because it was incomplete. But I think whatever I have is sufficient to expose him.

1. He totally avoided the issue which was the theme of his first article in this series of argumentation, i.e. “Ibn Katheer’s FATAL contradiction”. I refuted his claim that there wasn’t any kind of contradiction in Ibn Katheer’s statement. The Rafidhi never touched this thing again. In simple term, the main claim of the Rafidhi was refuted and he never touched again in his counter refutations.

2. He doesn’t differentiate between condemning and hating. He lied and attributed a statement on Ibn Katheer which he did not say. In reality the quotation from Ibn Katheer was regarding those who HATE Sahaba, NOT for those who might have condemned some of Sahaba.

3. The Sunni viewpoint of “Sahaba” has been clarified in detail. The Rafidhi in two of his counter refutations never dealt with this. The only thing he did was to bring some names and raise a question that this person was Sahabi and he did crime, while it has been made clear that according to Sunnis a Sahabi can commit sins and even major sins. Basically, he has no point to raise against the actual viewpoint, and the things he raises are related with details which is a separate issue related with each Sahabi whom the Rafidhi brought as an example.

4. He came up with the ridiculous claim that Abu Bakr and Umar plotted for the murder of the Prophet (pbuh) during Hunain war. He brought some unknown report of Waleed bin Jumai’. I refuted it, and in recent refutation he totally avoided this.

5. When I said that Sahaba were not Ma’soom(infallible) and they were prone to commit sin, the Rafidhi took it to mean that according to me Some Sahaba were evil-doers hypocrites. Isn’t this worst kind of stupidity?.

6. He followed the teachings of his cult and by that he lied on me that I send blessings on some Sahaba for their mass murders. When I exposed this lie the Rafidhi kept silence over it.

7. He tried to make it appear that according to sunnis Sahaba were infallible, just because we believe one should not criticize them. Another example of shia stupidity.

8. I made it clear that we do not discuss sins of any Muslims because it fall under backbiting a Muslim, especially those who are no more in this word. The Rafidhi avoided this, indirectly accepting that he has nothing to argue against it.

9. He brought a tradition of Ibn Abbas in tafseer of 38:18-22, according to which the verse was revealed regarding Waleed bin ‘Uqbah. I exposed its weakness. But the half minded Khabeeth thought I was talking about another narration, so he brought authenticity of a tradition which I never criticized. In short, what the Rafidhi brought was irrelevant to what I mentioned.

10. He lied that I was arguing that Waleed was not a Sahabi. I refuted and the Rafidhi was never seen on it again.

11. I expounded on the viewpoint of Hudhafa bin Yamaan regarding Abu Bakr and Umar that he highly respected them both and narrated in their praise. The Rafidhi has no words against it.

12. He deceptively tried to make hadith in praise of Umar, as a narration defaming Umar. I refuted it, and the Rafidhi lost his voice. And all praises due to Allah.

13. I replied to his question as to why Umar suspected that he could be a hypocrite. He didn’t touch this in his counter refutation.

14. For the second time I reminded the Rafidhi that the verse 29 of Surah al-Fath is not in support of Rafidhi claim, rather it actually supports the viewpoint of Ahlus-sunnah. I said that “minhum” according to the scholars of Tafsir is not partitive rather it include the whole group (Jins) it referring to. But even if we accept that it is for tab’eedh than also it doesn’t support shi’i claim. The Rafidhi tried to respond to the first answer but he never touched the second answer even after being reminded. The answer to the part he has responded is coming later.

15. The misguided took evidence from the verse 3:152-155 to prove that the companions who left the battlefield during Uhud were hypocrites. I responded to it, and now Rafidhi is no more on it.

16. He deceptively claimed that according to Ibn Katheer, it was Abu Hurairah who made the statement of Ka’b as a tradition of Prophet (SAW), while Ibn Katheer actually attributed the mistake to some other narrator below Abu Hurairah.

17. He brought the claim that Abu Hurairah was a Mudallis and to support it he quoted some statement of Shu’bah. I refuted it and the Rafidhi kept silence over it.

18. He totally avoided the case of Ibn Hazm, Ibn Jumai’ and the so called tradition proving Abu Bakr and Umar were hypocrites.

19. The clue-less Rafidhi in his hate against the truth lost his mind and “refuted” me on something which I never claimed. He, in his previous refutation, brought up the verse of al-Qur’an (Sajdah 32:18) and claimed that it was revealed regarding Waleed bin Uqbah. I proved that the narration relating its revelation to Waleed is weak due to Ibn Abi Laylah, al-Kalbi and an unknown person (in three different chains). The Rafidhi in his counter rebuttal brought up some new routes and research of Shaykh al-Albani, Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Abdul Barr and Ibn Katheer to prove that the report is authentic and that I had “hidden this fact from people in attempt to weaken the story of Walid”. But unfortunately this Khabeeth doesn’t know that all that which he brought is related to the the revelation of verse of al-Hujurat (49:6), while my discussion was regarding verse of al-Sajdah (32:18), and the foolish Rafidhi himself brought it up but somehow lost his mind.

20. He deceptively claimed, “.If a Shi’ah had done what al-Dhahabi had done, al-Nasibi (لعنه الله) would have called him a kafir”. Imam Dhahabi said that Waleed used to drink wine and that he was a sinner. We do not declare anyone Kafir for saying this. In fact, this was made clear under my first article.

21. He still thinks that Abu Hurairah attributed a lie on the Messenger of Allah, even though I had provided several evidences for the authenticity of the Hadith. The hadith that there is no transitive disease has been reported by several Sahabah. Besides Abu Hurairah, it was also reported by (1) Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas (2) Jabir bin Abdullah (3) Ibn Umar (4) Ibn Abbas (5) Anas bin Malik (6) Saa’ib bin Yazeed, and the refereces to these could be seen in previous article. Hence, the actual content is proven from the Messenger of Allah (SAW). This hadith was authenticated by the consensus of scholars of this field, and no one denied its authenticity. So, how could it be a lie on the Messenger of Allah (SAW)? The only argument the Rafidhi could provide is that they all might have heard it from Abu Hurairah. This reply is baseless as the opposite is also possible. They all might have heard it from the Prophet (pbuh) directly. In fact, Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas directly heard it from the Prophet (pbuh). Hence, Abu Ya’la reports it in his musnad (no.794), ibn HIbban in his Saheeh (6094) through Sa’eed bin Musayyib from Sa’d. Likewise, Jabir bin Abdullah mentioned his hearing from the Prophet (pbuh) as reported by Ibn Hibban (6095). Similarly, this has been reported in this way through Umair bin Sa’d, by Abu Ya’la (1577), At-Tabarani in “al-Kabeer” (17/54) and Ibn HIbban in “Ath-Thiqaat”. So for sure they did not rely on Abu Hurairah for this. Hence, we can conclude from the above details that the text of the hadith is established from other companions also. So how could it be a lie by Abu Hurairah (ra)?

I would like to end this rebuttal with a beautiful verse of Quran:

“Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.” (17:81)
All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. We ask Allaah to exalt his mention as well as that of his family and all his companions.