Did ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas praise Yazeed?

Some people quote a narration of Ibn ‘Abbas in which he praised Yazeed b. Muawiyah. The narration is narrated by al-Baladhuri in “Ansab al-Ashraf” (5/289) through historian Abul Hasan al-Madaa’ini as follows: الْمَدَائِنِيّ عَنْ عبد الرحمن بْن مُعَاوِيَة قَالَ، قَالَ عامر بْن مسعود الجمحي Al-Madaini narrates from Abdur-Rahman b. Muawiya who said:  ‘Amir b. Masud […]

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Did Ibn Mas’ud consider ‘Ali to be the most superior companions?

Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal narrated in “Fazail as-Sahaba” (1033) through Muhammad b. Ja’far Ghundar who said: Shu’ba narrated to him from Abu Ishaq al-Sabee’i from ‘Abdur Rahman b. Yazeed from ‘Alqama b. Qais from ‘Abdullah b. Mas’ud who said: كُنَّا نَتَحَدَّثُ أَنَّ أَفْضَلَ أَهْلِ الْمَدِينَةِ عَلِيُّ بْنُ أَبِي طَالِبٍ “We used to talk that the […]

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This title was given in history to some people known for their long prayers and sujud. Three people whom I know were sons of Sahaba referred to as al-Sajjaad due to their excess in Sujud. 1. Muhammad b. Talha b. ‘Ubaidullah: He died in the battle of Jamal while fighting from the side of his […]

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