Books refuting Mahmud Sa’eed Mamduh


Following are some books in refutation of Mahmud Sa’eed Mamduh Ash-Shafa’i Al-Misri. To know about him read this.

[1] Aadab Az-Zafaaf fi As-Sunnah Al-Mutahharah

By Shaykh Muhammad Nasirud-Deen Al-Albani

Al-Maktaba Al-Islamiya, Oman, Ed. 1409AH

Although the book is regarding the different topic but the Shaykh has refuted some of  Mahmud Sa’eed’s point in the Muqaddimah (pg.49-71). He mainly pointed out the ignorance of Mahmud Sa’eed in his book Tanbeeh Al-Muslim with regards to the opinions of Ulama and verdicts of his own Shuyukh. While he critize the Shaykh for weakening some reports in Sahih Muslim and accuses him of contradicting the Ijma’, but actually his elders like Ahmed Al-Ghumari, Abdullah Al-Ghumari and Al-Kawthari, whom he highly respects, were foremost in criticizing some famous reports of Sahihayn.  Then he discusses some reports on the issue.

Download: (5MB)

[2] Rid’ Al-Jani al-Muta’addi ‘ala al-Albani

by, Shaykh Tariq bin Awadhallah

This book was written in response of “Tanbeeh Al-Muslim” by Mahmud Sa’eed which was written to show that Al-Albani broke Ijma’ by criticizing the hadith of Sahih Muslim. Mahmud Sa’eed, in his book, listed several hadith which according to him were declared weak by Shaykh Al-Albani. Shaykh Tariq in this book showed that in most cases Shaykh Al-Albani would only declare the isnad to be weak while he would declare the hadith to be Sahih. Many a time he would state this in the same place which was quoted by Shaykh Al-Albani, but Mahmud Sa’eed would ignore it and quotes only the part which suites his agenda. Among fifty narrations mentioned by Mamduh, only ten are those which were declared to be weak by Shaykh. Shaykh Tariq then goes on to discuss all the ten hadith one by one. The book is very beneficial as this is not just a refutation, but it also has lots of beneficial discussion on hadith based topic especially regarding the authenticity of Sahihayn.

Download: (5MB)

[3] Talee’ah Siyanat al-Hadeeth wa Ahlihi min ta’addi Mahmud Sa’eed wa Jahlihi

by Shaykh Tariq bin ‘Awadhallah

This is a short but powerful refutation of “Rafa’ al-Manarah li takhreej ahadeeth at-Tawassul wa az-Ziyarah” of Mahmud Sa’eed Mamduh by none other than Shaykh Tariq Awadhallah

This refutation is divided into two parts. The first section discusses the general methodology of Mamduh, and the second section is specially to discuss his book Rafa’ Al-Manarah. This book, like any other book of Shaykh Tariq, is very beneficial





[4] Hadam Al-Manarah li man sahhaha Ahadeeth   at-Tawassul wa az-Ziyarah  (pg.383)

by Shaykh ‘Amr bin Abdul Mun’im Saleem









This was written in refutation of Rafa’ al-Minarah of Mahmud Sa’eed. Click here to read the index of the book.









[5] Fath Al-‘Aliyy Al-Qadeer fi tahqeeq Tawassul Adh-Dhareer (pg.80)

by Abu Hamza Sayyid bin Muhammad Al-Minyawi

First edition, year 2007CE, Al-Maktaba Al-Islamiyyah, Cairo.

This book particularly discuss the hadith of blind man and answers the claims raised in Rafa’ Al-Minarah.






Download: (1.60MB)






[6] Tuhfatul Abrar fi tahqeeq Athar Malik ad-Daar (pg.264) 

by Abu Hamza Sayyid bin Muhammad al-Minyawi


This book discusses the hadith of Malik Ad-Daar. It discusses the narration in detail. The author attempted to prove the hadith to be weak due to seven reasons, as follows:

(1) Malik ad-Daar was Majhool al-Haal

(2) This was reported lonely by those narrators who were not expected to bore the knowledge of such incident.

(3) Irsaal [Malik ad-Daar was not the direct witness to this incident]

(4) Possibility of Disconnection between Abu Salih and Malik ad-Daar

(5) ‘an’ana of Al-A’amash

(6) This report contradict the religion

(7) Contradiction with the action of Umar.

Besides that he refuted several other argument of the author of Rafa’ al-Minarah.




[7] Tahreer al-Maqaal fi tahqeeq Hadeeth ‘ardh al-A’amaal (pg.64) 

by Abu Hamza Sayyid bin Muhammad al-Minyawi


This is another book from series of refutations of Mamduh’s Rafa’ al-Minarah by al-Minyawi. This book discusses the hadith ”my life is good for you and my death is good for you”.










[8] Talee’ah Fiqh Al-Isnad wa kashf haqeeqat Al-Mu’taridh ‘ala al-A’immah An-Nuqad (pg.110)

by Shaykh Tariq ‘Awadhallah

A brief refutation of At-Ta’reef of Mahmud Sa’eed.

Download: (2.12MB)




[9] Ta’reef uli An-Nuha wa al-Ahlam bi ma fi Ta’reef Mahmud Sa’eed min al-Akhta’ wa al-Awham (pg.896)

by Abdullah bin Ubud bin Ahmad Ba Humran

First edition, year 2009CE, Maktaba Al-Imam Al-Albani, Sana, Yemen.

Refutation of At-Ta’reef of Mahmud Sa’eed in detail.

Download: (18.2MB)






[10] Ahkam Al-Hadeed ‘ala Mahmud Sa’eed (pg.554)

by Abdul Fattah Mahmud Sarur

First edition, 2007CE, Daar Adhwa As-Salaf, Riyadh.

Another refutation of Mamduh’s At-Ta’reef.


Insha Allah, as soon as I find any new book available online I will update it into the list.

21 thoughts on “Books refuting Mahmud Sa’eed Mamduh”

  1. BarakAllah feek akhi. I did mention this book and provided a link its index. See book no. 4. However, this book is not available online for download as far as i am aware. WAllahu A’alam

  2. I heard that Mahmood Said Mamdoh has Tafzili creed and was seen with Barelwi Tafzilis like Pir Mufakkir-Abdul-Qadir-Jilani ? what are your thoughts about tafzili creed and those support such deviancy ?

    1. Yes, he is a Tafzeeli. He has a book written on the subject entitled ”Ghayat at-Tabjeel fi tark al-qat’a fi at-tafdheel”. He basically followed Ghumaris in this regard.

      Tafdheeli are innovators, and mostly tafdheeli end up on the views of rawafidh by attacking companions of the Prophet PBUH. Scholars have claimed ijma’ on the superiority of Abu Bakr and Umar.

      1. as salaamu ‘alaikum,

        Yes. Mahmood Saeed Mamduh is an Asharite Tafzeeli just like Maturidi Tafzeeli Pir Abdul Qadir Jilani the so called
        ‘Mufakir e Islam’ of Maturidis.

        Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed was caught spreading the works of the Tafzeeli Mahmood Saeed Mamduh and Tafzeeli Asharite Ninowi. I wonder if Abul Hasan is also a Tafzeeli ? Ahmed ibn Muhammad ( linked with Hussain Sayf Ahmed ?) also translated distortions of another Asharite with Shite leanings Habib Hasan Ali Saqqaf.

        You can see Mamood Saeed Mamduh with ‘Mufakir e islam’ of Maturidis here:

        See the video where Asharite Ninowy endorses the Tafzeeli views of Maturidi ‘mufakir e islam’

        Photos of Mamud & ‘mufakir e islam’

        Allah’s refuge is sought from these Tafzilis shite leaning Asharites & Maturidites and their cohorts like Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed

  3. Oh Kharizi takfiris ! You are indeed fitna from Muslim Ummah. By your fatwas of Shirk, Bidah, Mushrik and Kafir, you have imposed a civil-war-like atmosphere on the Ummah. You are the biggest obstacle to unity and progress.

    1. I guess they are after salafi people in that rank. Before Salafi people showed up, we at least used to exchange salams. After a few years of good work of some salafi imams, now that tradition of salam has gone. Salafi people don’t even look or talk like a normal person when they see anyone practicing any school of fiqh. And for hanafis, they would rather by the road, still they won’t enter masjids lead by Hanafi imams. That’s the unity.

    1. Abdullah. You sound so much like Ali Rida Qadri. He alongside his friends were exposed for plagiarism and their own fraud. One is in jail right now. blog is a total joke filed with slanders. Ghiba at its worst. The indpendent readers can see the following answering Abdullah and his friends:

      Qadri is hiding the fact that his mate – Abu Hibbaan Kamran Malik was jailed for mortgage fraud:

      1. I live in London, England. I am ready to meet you and your Boss ( Mardiyyah Malik Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed )

        The site exposing Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed and his types is not associated or linked with:
        1. Wahbi Ghawji Albani Hanafi
        2. Shuaib Arnaut Hanafi
        3. Abu Turab Ali Rida
        4. Salafis Barelwis Deobandis Ahle Hadeeth

        It is an independent site exposing swindlers and fraudsters

        You can read the complete response to your comment here:

        Our site gets around 985 unique daily hits……and this is only draft version. Wait till you see the complete version with complete photo album of fraudster family and house address…. Just have patience mate….

  4. Abdullah. Your offer is accepted. If you are truthful and genuine come forward and contact the admin at now and we can all see who you really are. Also give your telephone number so Dr. Abul Hasan can call you for a chat. To date you are totally anonymous and hiding behind a computer screen. There are literally 1000’s of Abdullah’s in the world. Give us your full name and address so we can visit your house. I doubt you will now take up this challenge.

    1. Before we proceed,

      Ibrahim Ali we need to confirm your identity, that you real, so please prove

      1) that you are not Anonymous hiding behind an ID called IBRAHIM ALI , that your real name is Ibrahim Ali

      2) Your relationship or connection with Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed and Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed has authorized you to write on his behalf for the challenge / offer and Abul Hasan has asked you to inform me, to contact him and he will call me for a chat.

      3) we need to verify all this , because we don’t want Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed to pull his old trick of denial. How can also we make sure that Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed will call and not someone fake ?

      I doubt you will give out this information because Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed & Co has a history of using fake names/screen names to attack others. This has been his way for several years.

      Waiting for your reply.

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